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In the modern context, many new updates are coming every day and this includes the role of artificial intelligence in production. In this day and age, you can even purchase your medications online with You should know the fact that due to AI and the use of robots many people are losing their job every day. This is really a serious issue. We need to ask ourselves why should be stick with a particular job when we can do far better things in our life. Should be loyal to a company, which can fire us any time whenever they find a suitable working robot?


It is the time of capitalization where everyone is just thinking about making the maximum profit. Every business involved man, machinery combination to run the production and business. Nevertheless, nowadays science has made many things possible. New things are coming into the market. This includes the use of AI and machines in place of human beings. Due to this, many people are losing their job every day. After making a time investment, you do not have to worry about anything. 

Human beings get tired very soon and thus they have to take enough rest between the works. Nevertheless, this can change the entire situation. We have to make sure that we can make updates about various things. Some people are traditional and they hardly have the chance and time to update their skills. 

Challenging situation 

Due to this factor, they always get a challenging situation where they have to fight with employment especially in time of worldwide pandemic where everyone is advised to wear masks like the ones from Some companies are downsizing their staff because they have appointed robots who never get tired and never demand a salary. The only thing that the employers have to do is make a time investment. The only kind of job that is safe from downsizing is those which require high touches like nursing, teaching, psychology, or the arts which need special skills. 

Human labor 

Many jobs that need human labor and such jobs are running on the high risk by the replacement. Robots never get tired and they work constantly for hours without decreasing their efficiency. Due to these reasons, many employers prefer to hire robots. The other thing is that whenever they want, they can reduce their working efficiency without having any complications. Nevertheless, in the case of human labor, many sorts of complications are there because of the labor laws. 

Creating the best combination

Now it is time that we should create new fields to generate more employment for the youth. People of every age group should have something to add economic value to society and their house. Neglecting this factor can generate several complications. Thus we should be quite careful in this context and make sure that we are not reducing the jobs recklessly. 

There must be some ways to find the best method. Employment should be given to the people who are losing their job. There is no harm in updating records and other things but it should not be at the cost of unhealthy economic growth.