SEO Consultant Price Guide

Websites, for the most part, are made so that as many people see them as possible. Possibly the best way to accomplish this is for the site to show up high on a search engine’s result page. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a highly effective method by which to increase a website’s ranking, and many SEO consultants exist that can help your site move up the page on a Google or Yahoo search. They can give you pointers and even start an SEO campaign from the ground up. So, how much can you expect to pay for an SEO consultant? Furthermore, is hiring one a good investment for you and your business?


Like many cellular telephone and cable television services, SEO consultant rates are often tiered depending on how much you will use the service. Some consulting services require a startup fee and some sort of minimum commitment. A larger business that is starting a website from scratch and looking for a good number of page hits might pay a $2500 startup fee and the first month’s service to begin. From there, they might pay $800-$1200 for up to 50,000 page views per month all the way to over $5,000 for more than a million page views per month.


Smaller businesses, individuals, or a company that already has a good campaign going and simply needs advice would probably be better served paying an SEO consultant by the hour. Established, proven consultants may require a minimum number of hours and charge around $400 per hour. Smaller or newer consulting firms will likely start in the $150 per hour range. Some consultants will provide onsite services. Some will require that travel and lodging is paid by the buyer and the rates can range from $150 per hour plus around a $200 onsite fee. That fee usually only appears if the consultant does not mandate travel and lodging expenses. Larger consultants can charge up to $1400 per day instead of an hourly rate.


Your needs as well as the services you ask for will determine if an SEO consultant is a good investment. If you have the capital and the resources and simply want your website to achieve increased search engine result rankings, seeking a consultant is probably a good use of funds. A higher page ranking is basically advertising for your site and company, so the cost of a consultant is already offset. If you a smaller business and don’t require a large internet campaign for exposure, you may not need a consultant.


Many people want their website to show up at least in the first couple pages of an internet surfer’s search. SEO consultants can certainly help achieve this. If you find that you are ready for lots of hits and can afford it, hiring an SEO consultant might be the route you wish to take.

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